the end of an era.

This journal has gone dark, and soon enough, this entry will as well. It's a time in my life that's over and done with; a lot happened, but the person I am now will only diverge further from the person I was. Having this out here was doing me more harm than good. I've gone back to journalling privately, solely for my own benefit, my own mental integration.

But I left loose ends, here. So it's time to put a close on this, to finish what I started.

I saw the situation from the ground level, with my own fears and worries and immaturity in play, and I wasn't even trying to be especially self-serving. But I was. So, here's a summary, Collapse )

When I last wrote here, Carin and I were still living in our first apartment, and I'd just recently started working at the university library. I'll summarize what's happened Collapse )

And, above all, it's unseemly that I should be so public about the bad things in life, and so private about the good things. Because relationship work is difficult; what's it for? Well, all sorts of Collapse )

I love you, Carin. It's time for us to step into the future together.